Brian Lucenti - Vocals

Brian Lucenti is the lead voice, original member and shepherd of sound for OCR. Visceral, emphatic, and powerful singing coupled with chord-busting harmonica lines just begins to describe the message Lucenti presents to the audience. His stage presence and presentation will keep your hearts pumping through the night!

Ryan 'Huck' Flynn - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Ryan 'Huck' Flynn is a founding member, and the chordal spine of OCR. His Americana-style approach to the acoustic guitar creates a template full of warm, rich sounds that help bind the group's collective sounds. Complete with emphatic vocals, Huck provides a sound that helps glue all of the members together.

Andy Soroka - Lead Guitar

Andy Soroka, simply put, is a musical enigma. His unorthodox approach to the electric guitar is one of his most prominent features in OCR. Chock-full of wild and ethereal effects, down to his solos themselves, Soroka helps catapult your brain to outer space as his voice is so dominantly heard in the voice of the songs themselves.

Sarah Mac - Drums

Sarah Mac is the engine behind the machine of OCR. Her technical approach to performing creates a vibrant energy that lets all the other parts shine, while also standing out as its own voice. Her clarity of tone and smoothly executed beats will keep your dancing feet in full rhythm!

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